Community Involvement


Community Involvement


▶ MS150


“I rode the MS 150 in 2012 and 2017. The ride is 150 miles (actually its more depending on the route you take) over two days, and the ride raises money for Multiple Sclerosis medical research…In my two rides, I raised just under $2000.00.”

– Ricardo Arrechea

Richard riding in 2012
“This is from 2012 and 2017 (crazy helmet hair included.”


▶ Ties For Teens


“This year many teens will apply for jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities. Unfortunately a staggering 40% of low income minority teens will not complete applications or even show up on the first day due to the simple fact that they don’t have proper attire for an office setting. Last year, I recommended a job for a young adult at a company I used to work for but the young man never showed up. I stopped by his home 2 days later to ask why he squandered this opportunity. His answer was so simple that I had no answer for it. He didn’t have any clothes to wear and he was embarrassed to tell anyone. I think this is a great program that not only gives back to the community but also gives us a chance to bond with teenagers during a transitional time in their lives.

“This year my Shriners chapter teamed with Phoenix Women’s Outreach inc, to collect and donate 400+ ties to young adults on February 4th. We do this twice a year with a different casual item of clothing to give away, including shirts, ties, slacks, and belts. In return we have received several letters from single mothers and small businesses thanking us for the donations.”

– Jeffery Forrest

“Ties For Teens” 2017
Making him look sharp!
Jeffery Forrest at Ties For Teens