Construction Services



EDI delivers Construction Services and Project Management to both private and public clients nationwide. Although these services vary in scope, budget, schedule and complexity, we recognize the importance to our clients to maintain a high level of quality throughout the duration of the project, while keeping on schedule and within budget.

Our Services Include:

  • Construction Monitoring
  • Construction and Contract Administration
  • Field Testing
    • Building Envelope
      • Water Intrusion Testing/Static Water Tests
      • Diagnostic Spray Testing Methods
      • Pressurized Chamber Spray Testing
      • Video Scopes/Wall Cavity Surveys
      • Paint and Coating Mil Thickness Testing
      • Paint and Coating Adhesion Testing
      • Infrared Thermography/Thermal Imaging
      • Whole Building Leakage Testing
    • Roof
      • Fasterner Pull-out
      • Waterproofing
      • Wet Roof Detection Infrared
      • Roof Core Analysis
      • Wind Uplift
      • Sealant and Adhesion Testing
      • Thermography/Thermal Imaging
      • Diagnostic Water Testing
    • Structural
      • Sound Testing
      • Load Testing
    • Project Management
      • Pre-Construction/Design
      • Construction
      • Post-Construction